Why is mail I send to my inmate being returned?

The mail you are sending may not meet correction policy.  Please see the mail guidelines here.

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1. What is my inmate's charges and sentence?
2. I need to drop off my inmate's medication. How do I do that?
3. Why am I not on the visitation list? Who is on the visitation list? What are the visiting hours?
4. When is my inmate getting released?
5. My inmate has my personal property, what do I need to do to retrieve it?
6. I am an ex-inmate myself. Can I visit?
7. How do I put money on my inmates account? How will they know they received the money?
8. When I was released, I had money on my books. How do I get that money back?
9. I am turning myself in to serve a sentence. What can I bring into the jail?
10. Will the inmate be considered for work release?
11. How can I order commissary for my inmate? How can I add money to their tablet?
12. How can I send my inmate a book?
13. How can an inmate have a document notarized?
14. How can I bring in an interpreter?
15. Why is mail I send to my inmate being returned?
16. How can I send clothing/shoes to my inmate?
17. Can I make donations to the Bucks County Department of Corrections?
18. How can I schedule a visit?
19. Does the Bucks County Department of Corrections have extended visitation for people traveling from out of town?
20. How can I arrange a chaplain to visit with an inmate?
21. Who can I contact to get a copy of my GED?
22. How can I get another copy of a certificate from a program I went to while incarcerated?
23. What are the restrictions on a religious medallion?
24. How much time before the visit should I check in?