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Peace Valley Boat Rental

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Closed for the 2022 Season.

Rental Information

Rentals require a deposit of $20 or a credit card and a drivers license. All rentals are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Rental Fees

ItemHalf Hour RateHourly RateHalf Day FeeFull Day Fee
Row Boat $20$30 $80 $100 
Canoe $20$30$80$100
Paddleboat $20$30 $80$100
Kayak (Single) $15$20$65 $100
Kayak (Double) $20$30$80 $120

Boat Launch Permit Fees

Launch permits are required for each boat and can be purchased online anytime or at the boat rental, when open.

Bucks Count Residents

Launch Permit$15
Senior (first permit)Free
Senior (additional)$15


Launch Permit$30
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