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Core Creek Boat Rental

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Rental Information

Rentals require $20 deposit or credit card and a valid driver’s license. All rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. 

ItemHalf Hour RateHourly RateHalf Day FeeDaily Fee
Row Boat $20$30$80$100
Paddleboat $20$30$80 $100 
Kayak (single) $15 $25 $65 $100 
Kayak (double) $20 $30 $80 $120

*The is a transaction fee of $1.50 to 2.35% for all credit/debit card transactions*

Boat Launch Permit Fees

Launch permits are required for each boat and can be purchased online anytime, at the boat rental, or at the main Parks and Recreation office in Core Creek Park during business hours. 

Bucks Count Residents

Launch Permit$15
Senior (first permit)Free
Senior (additional)$15


Launch Permit$30

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