What is the referral process/intake?

Bucks County Juvenile Court Services receives referrals from four sources;

  • County to County Transfers
  • Interstate Compact on Juveniles
  • Magisterial District Judges for Nonpayment of Costs and Fines
  • the Police (Most of the Referrals)

When the case is referred by a local police department, the officer completes a Juvenile Complaint and forwards it to the Juvenile Probation department to initiate the process. Once received, the referral is reviewed by the District Attorney's Office to ensure that the police are charging the juvenile correctly. An intake with the juvenile and his/her parent/guardian is then scheduled within three weeks of receiving the referral. The purpose of the intake interview is to begin the process of deciding how the case will be handled by gathering background information. This information will be used to determine the most appropriate disposition for the juvenile, the victim and the community.

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