Do I have to appear in person for my hearing?

All Domestic Relations Section (DRS) hearings are being conducted in person. If you would like to participate virtually, contact our office.

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1. What services does Domestic Relations provide?
2. Do I have to come to Domestic Relations in person to file for support?
3. What information do I need to provide before my support conference?
4. How do I submit documents to Domestic Relations?
5. What is the difference between a conference and a hearing?
6. Do I have to appear in person for my conference?
7. Do I have to appear in person for my hearing?
8. Can I pay my child support at the Domestic Relations Office?
9. How will I receive my support payments?
10. How long will my child support order be in effect?
11. Are translation or interpreter services available?
12. How do I get reimbursed for the medical expenses that are included in my support order?
13. How can I check my balance?
14. How do I request enforcement of my case?
15. How do I request a payment history?
16. How do I request a copy of my order?
17. I have a Domestic Relations Bench Warrant. What should I do?
18. How does paternity testing work?
19. When there is family violence, can personal information be kept confidential?
20. Why am I being charged $35?