Office of the Public Defender


100 N Main Street
1st Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Douple, Esq., Lisa M. Administrative Deputy/Chief of Juvenile   215-348-6488  
Meier, Debbie J. Office Administrator   215-348-6473  
Russavage-Faust, Esq., Ann P. Chief Public Defender   215-348-6487  
Douple, Lisa First Deputy 215-348-6488  
Fagan, Esq., John R. Chief of Trials   215-348-6470  
Dunleavy, Esq., Christa S. Chief of Appeals   215-348-6493  
Bastedo, Esq., Bradley H. Mental Health Unit   215-348-6495  
Haag, Esq., Joseph S. Mental Health Unit   215-348-6494  
Williams, Esq., Lisa Y. Chief of Expungements/Pardons   215-348-6505  
Weinman, Esq., Deborah A. Senior Chief Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6492  
Hone, Esq., Kenneth B. Chief Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6491  
Riba, Esq., Laura A. Senior Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6498  
Lacson, Esq., Michael J. Senior Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6490  
Adler, Esq., Suzette S. Senior Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6507  
Cregar, Esq., Christine C. Senior Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6047  
Ingraham, Esq., Brandon C. Senior Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6513  
Criste, Esq., Nathan Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6473  
Downs, Esq., Riley M. Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6508  
Criste, Esq., Caroline Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6506  
McBeth, Esq., Brian P. Deputy Public Defender   215-348-6512  
Moyer, Esq., Stephanie A. Assistant Public Defender   215-348-6473  
McAloon, Esq., Mary Kate Assistant Public Defender   215-348-6511  
Shnayder, Esq., Martin Assistant Public Defender   215-340-8254  
O'Brien, Esq., Christie Assistant Public Defender   215-348-6473  
Uetz, Esq., John Assistant Public Defender   215-348-6473  
Tidwell, Esq., Megan D. Assistant Public Defender   215-348-6473