Placement Services


Placement services are available to a child who has been removed from the care of his/her parents when he/or she is in imminent danger of abuse or neglect. A child may be placed in kinship foster care, traditional foster care, group home, or residential program depending on the age and needs of the child. The Agency develops a Family Service Plan with the parents which details all actions needed on both the part of the parent(s) and the Agency in order to resolve the issues that brought the child into foster care and return the child to his/her parents. The Agency's initial goal is to reunify the child with the parents as soon as possible. Permanency can be achieved through reunification with the parents, adoption, or SPLC (Subsidized Permanent Legal Custodian). To achieve permanency, case workers work intensively with parents towards understanding the need for each child's permanency as well as to develop a path to achieving it in the timeliest manner.

  1. Report Child Abuse & Neglect
  • If the child is in immediate danger call 911
  • File an electronic report of suspected child abuse with PA Childline
  • Call PA Childline: 1-800-932-0313
  • Call our offices: 215-348-6950

As adoptive families have their own unique issues, post-adopt services are available to assist and support adoptive families. Services include case management, search, and intermediary work.

Independent Living Services (IL)

Independent Living (IL) services are provided to all youth 14 years of age and older in out-of-home care. They are referred to Tabor Services Inc. to acquire life skills. The IL unit within the Agency focuses on transitioning these youth into the community,. The focus of the unit and IL services is to help each youth build their skills so they will be responsible and independent members of society. IL workers focus on youth employment and retention, education, and permanent housing.

Placement Resources

The Placement Resources unit recruits, assesses, trains, and supports Agency foster and kinship foster parents. The unit also develops and monitors relationships with private providers of foster care, group homes, and residential facilities to meet the needs of children requiring placement. This unit assesses and matches children with appropriate placements.