Community Resources

There are a number of resources available in the community for training, support, housing, and assistance.  While BH/DP is affiliated with (or directly runs) some of these programs, it is not directly involved with all of them. Links on this page may go to other county departments or the individual organization's own websites.

Housing & Homelessness Resources

  • Bucks County Housing Link - centralized point of information, assessment, and referral services for all Bucks County residents experiencing a housing-related crisis.
  • Bucks County Housing Authority - Public housing for low income and very low income families, seniors (62 and over), and non-elderly disabled individuals. Also accepting applications for several voucher programs.
  • Code Blue - information on emergency shelters during extreme cold weather.

Training Resources

  • QPR Training - free suicide prevention training that is available to everyone and only takes two hours.
  • Mental Health First Aid Training - more in depth training for community leaders (clergy, physicians, teachers, first responders, etc.) who may have contact with trauma survivors or people in crisis.
  • CIT Training - free training for law enforcement officers on how to recognize and respond when a person may be in crisis, may have a mental health diagnosis, or may have an intellectual disability or developmental delay.

Active Community Groups

  • CSP Program - a group run that supports, advocates for, and promotes wellness for people with mental health diagnoses.
  • Suicide Prevention Task Force - a group that often hosts events to promote suicide prevention, mental health awareness and hope in Bucks County.

Low Income/Poverty Assistance