Community Based Supervision

The Bucks County Juvenile Probation department provides community-based supervision to those juveniles who have been place on formal probation (post adjudication) or have been offered a consent decree (adjudication withheld). Juveniles will be assessed for risk using the Youth Level of Services (YLS) inventory. All supervision/treatment is individually tailored to the juveniles’ needs and strengths. 

 Responsibilities of community based (line) probation officers include, but are not limited to:

  1. Establishing and implementing collaborative goals for each juvenile
  2. Making referrals to appropriate service providers (if ordered or deemed necessary)
  3. Ensuring that appropriate accountability measures are put in place for juveniles who violate probation
  4. Visiting juveniles and their families on a regular basis, starting at a minimum of once a month. (based on risk level, visits range from monthly to weekly).
  5. Re-assessing juvenile progress on a regular basis, changing goals to reflect.