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Emergency Health Services, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, coordinates all aspects of the pre-hospital setting.  This involves training and certification of personnel, quality assurance to the patients, data collections, documenting pre-hospital emergencies, and licensing of all ambulances and Quick Response Services within Bucks County.

Emergency Health Services strives to promote understanding, education, and accessibility to emergency services in the Bucks County Community.

Pennsylvania Code, Title 28, Section 1021.2

The Bucks County Emergency Health Services is the “Regional EMS council” — (defined by Pennsylvania  Code, Title 28, Section 1021.2) as a nonprofit incorporated entity or appropriate equivalent whose function is to plan, develop, maintain, expand and improve EMS systems within a specific geographical area of this Commonwealth and which is deemed by the Department [of Health] as being representative of health professions and major private and public and voluntary agencies, organizations and institutions concerned with providing EMS in the region