Costs and Payments

-Parents, legal guardians, and/or juveniles may be held responsible for court costs associated with their cases. Court costs are assessed on a per docket number basis. Determination of responsibility is made by the Court.

-Juveniles may also be ordered to pay restitution to his/her victims. Restitution will be ordered at the Disposition Hearing.

-If restitution is ordered, the juvenile is required to pay as part of his/her probation. Restitution is solely the responsibility of the juvenile. Juvenile Court will collect and monitor restitution payments.

-An Itemized Account of Fines, Costs, Fees, and/or Restitution will be sent via mail to the parents/guardians of the juvenile, along with a payment plan and payment options.

Payment Options

Costs can be paid directly to Bucks County Clerk of Courts. Information and mailing address can be found here.