Costs and Payments

-Parents, legal guardians, and/or juveniles may be held responsible for court costs associated with their cases. Court costs are assessed on a per docket number basis. Determination of responsibility is made by the Court.

-Juveniles may also be ordered to pay restitution to his/her victims. Restitution will be ordered at the Disposition Hearing.

-If restitution is ordered, the juvenile is required to pay as part of his/her probation. Restitution is solely the responsibility of the juvenile. Juvenile Court will collect and monitor restitution payments.

-An Itemized Account of Fines, Costs, Fees, and/or Restitution will be sent via mail to the parents/guardians of the juvenile, along with a payment plan and payment options.

-In situations where a juvenile is placed outside of the home, parents/guardians will be required to pay child support for the amount of time said juvenile is in placement. 

Payment Options

Costs can be paid directly to Bucks County Clerk of Courts. Information and mailing address can be found here.