Internship Opportunities

The Bucks County Public Defender's Office provides a nonpaid internship program for college and law students. Since the inception of this program, hundreds of students have learned about the daily work Public Defenders perform and have received a comprehensive overview of the criminal justice system. 

We provide this training throughout the year and allow students to have flexible schedules. We participate in Work Study and have been approved by various educational institutions for students seeking course credit for the time spent learning at our office. 

Moreover, each summer we bring in a class of approximately 10 students to receive intensive training. These students conduct office interviews, draft investigation requests, assist inmates at the Bucks County Correctional Facility with questions they have and assist staff attorneys with legal research and various court proceedings. 

Third year law students who have met certain qualifications, may represent clients in court proceedings under the supervision of a staff attorney.

For information regarding internships contact Deborah A. Weinman via email at or phone 215-348-6492.