How to Re-Apply

Re-Application Process for Public Defender Representation

You will need to reapply after custody release or if you were approved for Preliminary Hearing only.

Step 1:

Call to make your telephone application interview appointment. 215-348-6473. 

Step 2:

Submit your documentation via fax, (267) 885-1332, e-mail, or regular mail. Documentation is required from list below. Submit all documents that apply to your situation. Documentation must be received prior to your appointment time. 

  • At least 3 most recent pay stubs. 
  • Statement of Unemployment benefits. 
  • Letter from last employer verifying termination. 
  • Award letter from Social Security or a copy of your most recent deposit. 
  • Court order for amount child support received or paid. 
  • If married: all financial information for spouse listed here. 
  • Documents regarding any stocks, bonds, or trust accounts. 
  • Current bank statements, including savings account, checking account, IRA, 401K and retirement accounts. 
  • Foreclosure papers, notice of Sheriff's sale and/or statement from financial institution verifying there is absolutely no equity in the property and that a home equity loan was not taken out within the last year. 
  • Letter from the person who is supporting you, stating that you are unemployed and living with them and that they are currently supporting you. This must come from the person supporting you, from their e-mail address or handwritten with signature including all their contact information. 
  • Current class schedule and financial aid/student award letters. 
  • Letter from drug rehabilitation/mental health facility stating you are currently in an inpatient program and not currently able to work. 

Step 3:

Complete your application interview with the office Paralegal. You will receive a phone call within one hour of your appointment time to complete your application and determine your eligibility. If approved, your re-application process is complete.