Court Reporters

The Official Court Reporters of Bucks County

The Official Court Reporters of Bucks County:

  •  Have a full-time staff of 25 highly skilled professional court reporters.
  • Use the most advanced technology available to record testimony, argument and  other spoken presentations heard by the Common Pleas Judges of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  • Provide immediate realtime translation of all proceedings.
    *  This simultaneous transcription is used by the Court to immediately view, on a computer screen, the testimony as it is being given.
    * Allows immediate access to all previous testimony.
    * May be used to assist hearing-impaired individuals by allowing them to read along with the proceedings as they are occurring.
  • Upon advance request, the Official Court Reporters offer same day, daily and expedited delivery of transcripts.  A realtime feed to counsel's tablet or laptop computer is also available.
    • Please contact the Chief Court Reporter for a further description of these services.
      Denise A. VanWhy, RPR, Chief Court Reporter

List of Court Reporters

View our directory of official court reporters in the Staff Directory or view the Court Reporter Directory (PDF).