Bucks County Opportunity Council


To help low income people of Bucks County achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency.

Core Program Economic Self-Sufficiency (ES) Program

  • Five year participation
  • Goal of the program is to increase income through employment to be able to be economically independent and get off of all government subsidies
  • Goals set in ten dimensions: income, employment, education, transportation, parenting/social, substance abuse, mental health, health insurance, shelter, and nutrition
  • Individualized and specialized
  • Long term assistance and intervention to help families achieve self-sufficiency
  • Self-Sufficiency Specialists and clients work together to develop action steps and goal plans
  • Voluntary

Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS)

  • Client has up to five years to complete the program
  • Clients begin an escrow account which can be used towards the purchase of a home
  • Designed for clients who have and use a section 8 certificate
  • Goal of the program is to increase income through employment to be able to get off of subsidized housing
  • The more income a client makes, the more money is saved in escrow
  • Offered in collaboration with the Bucks County Housing Authority

Support Programs

  • Buck$Back (VITA)
    Free tax return filing by certified volunteers
  • Weatherization
    Program that offers home repairs to reduce energy costs
  • Food Program
    BCOC oversees the distribution of state and federal food through 26 pantries in the county
  • Emergency Services
    Designed to provide financial assistance for families to overcome temporary barriers to self-sufficiency
  • Utility Assistance
    Funding programs for residents that have received a shut-off notice for utilities


For additional information on the Weatherization Program, please call 215-345-3301 or email Bucks County Opportunity Council.

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