Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Child Witnesses in Custody Cases
  2. Conferences and Conference Memos
  3. Continuances
  4. Courtesy Copies
  5. Courtroom Procedures Generally
  6. De Novo Equitable Distribution Trials
  7. Jury Trials
  8. Proposed Orders
  9. Transcripts

The children who are the subject of a custody case and any other children residing in the applicable households are not to be involved in the preparation or presentation of the case until and unless that has been specifically authorized by Judge Bowman. This means that they should not be told anything about the case by anyone nor should they even know that a court matter is pending.

Unless previously authorized, Judge Bowman does not hear the testimony of any child who is the subject of a custody case until all other testimony and evidence has been presented.

In no circumstance should children be brought into the courtroom for any matter without pre-approval from Judge Bowman. Participants in court proceedings are reminded that the court staff is not responsible to monitor any children and if any participant brings a child to the Justice Center with them, it is their responsibility to bring another responsible adult who will be able to monitor the child while the litigant is in the courtroom.