Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Scheduling
  2. Procedures & Expectations for Hearings or Trials

Initial scheduling of hearings or trials is handled by filings with the Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts, or Clerk of the Orphans' Court, who in turn forward things to the Court Administrator's Office.


Requests for continuances of matters on any Civil Trial or Arbitration List are handled by the Court Administrator's office. The procedures can be found on the Court Calendar page.

Requests for continuances for matters specifically scheduled before Judge Liller should be addressed to the Judge's Chambers by mail or fax. No such requests will be considered unless in writing. Continuance requests must be sought as soon as possible. Continuances are not favored. Counsel must have good cause for any requests. All requests for continuances must indicate the steps counsel has taken to seek the approval of all other counsel or unrepresented parties of the continuance. The position of all other counsel or unrepresented parties to the request should be stated in the letter making the request.

As of January 1, 2023, all continuance requests regarding criminal matters should be made directly to the Chambers of the assigned judge.

Continuance requests for matters assigned to Judge Liller must be in writing and received not less than 72 hours before the event. Otherwise, all parties must appear in court on the scheduled date.

Please submit your request by email to Judge Liller’s judicial assistant at 

When submitting a request for a continuance in a criminal matter, the position of the Assistant District Attorney must be obtained. Attorneys must enter their appearance in the Clerk of Courts Office prior to submitting a request for continuance.  If either of these is not included in the request, Judge Liller will not consider the request.

Continuance requests for ARDs, Summary Appeals, and any other matter not assigned to a specific judge shall continue to be made to

You will be informed once a decision has been made. 


Conferences on cases assigned to Judge Liller should be arranged by contact with the Judge's Administrative Assistant. Judge Liller is willing to hold conferences to assist in the routine pre-trial processing of cases or to consider possible settlement of cases. Generally, conferences are only scheduled where all parties are represented by counsel. Conferences are normally held in Chambers and are not on the record except when specifically ordered by the Court. Conferences can be held by telephone when both counsel are in agreement.

When requesting a conference, counsel should indicate the purpose for the conference, the length of time requested and the position of the other counsel as to having a conference. In addition, to the greatest extent possible, the person requesting the conference should be prepared to advise the Judge's Administrative Assistant as to the times when the participants will be available.

For all Pre-Trial or Settlement Conferences, actual trial counsel and all individual parties shall be physically present unless specifically excused by Judge Liller. If there are any entities that are parties in the case, the persons or persons with final decision-making authority for the entity shall be physically present at the conference unless specifically excused by Judge Liller. In any case where there is an insurance carrier that has any control over the resolution of the case, the person or persons with full decision-making authority for the insurance carrier shall be physically present at the conference unless specifically excused by Judge Liller. Any request for any person to be excused shall be made in writing immediately after notice of the conference if first given. Late requests will ordinarily not be considered.