Gary B. Gilman

The Court expects the following procedures to be followed in all matters pending before it. To the extent that an attorney is aware of these procedures, he or she should make other attorneys and/or unrepresented parties aware of these procedures as well. The following should be considered standing Orders, which the parties and litigants must follow when practicing or appearing before the Court.

Continuance Requests in Criminal Cases

Effective today, all requests for continuances must include the following information:

  1. Reason(s) for the request;
  2. Date of currently scheduled PTC/PTM Hearing/Waiver Trial/Jury Trial;
  3. Length of continuance sought;
  4. Position of Commonwealth or defense as to continuance request;
  5. Number of continuances previously granted and on whose behalf the matter was continued;
  6. List of pending criminal charges and whether or not Defendant is in custody.

Absent emergency and/or extenuating circumstances, no continuances will be granted if sought less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the currently scheduled PTC/PTM Hearing/Waiver Trial/Jury Trial.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

-August 16, 2023

As of January 2023, all continuance requests regarding criminal matters should be made directly to the Chambers of the assigned judge.

Continuance requests for matters assigned to Judge Gilman must be in writing and received not less than 48 hours before the scheduled proceeding. Otherwise, all parties must appear in court on the scheduled date.

Please submit you request by email to Judge Gilman’s administrative judicial assistant, Mary Mellor at

When submitting a request for a continuance in a criminal matter, you must provide the criminal information number, the enumerated criminal offenses, and the position of opposing counsel, and include opposing counsel on the communication. Attorneys must enter their appearance in the Clerk of Courts Office prior to submitting a request for a continuance. If you have not provided the position of opposing counsel, or if you have not entered your appearance, Judge Gilman will not consider the request.

Continuance requests for ARDs, Summary Appeals, and any other matter not assigned to a specific judge will continue to be made to

Communications with Chambers

The Court will accept communications by email, provided the other party has had an opportunity to review the same and respond, and provided that the other party is included on the communication to the Court. Communications should be sent to Judge Gilman’s administrative judicial assistant, Mary Mellor at All correspondence should confirm that direct communication with the Court complies with these procedures.

Pro se parties—meaning, individuals representing themselves—are prohibited from engaging in ex parte communications with the Court. 

An ex parte communication occurs when one party talks with or writes to the Court or its staff about issues related to the party’s case without the knowledge or involvement of the opposing party.

Courtesy Copies

Judge Gilman expects all pleadings, motions, petitions, proposed jury instructions, proposed verdict slips, and memoranda of law to be filed in a timely manner. Parties are required to provide Chambers with courtesy copies of all writings by emailing Judge Gilman’s administrative judicial assistant at