Dependency Court

Judge Baldi expects the following procedures to be followed by the parties and counsel in all Dependency Court matters.

  1. General Procedures
  2. Requests for Continuances
  3. Request for Add-Ons
  4. Attendance at Hearings
  5. Witness/Party Availability By Phone
  6. Requests by Bucks County C&Y for Emergency Ex Parte Orders
  1. Parties and counsel should arrive prior to the call of the list, and speak with one another, so that during the calling of the list the parties will be able to offer an estimate as to how long their matter will take.
  2. After the calling of the list, while waiting for their case to be called, all attorneys, case workers and clients should remain in the immediate waiting area near the sign in desk, so that they will be available when their case is called.
  3. Cases will be called, generally, in an order of priority which takes into consideration whether or not children will be present, people being detained in a holding cell, people's availability to testify by phone, etc. Generally, shorter matters (agreements) will be taken before longer matters. Cases will be listed on a board in the waiting area in the order in which they will be called.
  4. If you are one of the top three cases listed you must remain available to come into the Courtroom immediately when called.
  5. When you enter the Courtroom, make sure all persons involved with your presentation enter with you, and are available in Court, so that the matter can proceed promptly.
  6. When your case is concluded you should exit promptly after the hearing.
  7. Agreements and non-disputed matters will generally be given priority and heard before contested matters. Therefore, if a case is placed on the list as an agreement or a non-disputed matter, but during the presentation of the case disputes arise in the Courtroom, the proceeding will be adjourned to allow other agreements or non-disputed matters to be completed. Under those circumstances, the parties will be excused while other matters proceed forward, and they will be called back later on in the day.
  8. When the Court schedules a recess or a lunch break, all parties should return to the waiting area, in time to be available when Court reconvenes at the appointed time.