Courtroom Technology

Courtroom Technology Features 

All courtrooms are equipped with following equipment:

  • Document Cameras (ELMO) with integrated room projectors
  • PC interfaces at counsel tables for courtroom presentation (Note the output type must be either HDMI or VGA from your device and the resolution set to 1280 by 720 pixels). Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads/Mac Book Airs generally use adapters to convert them to an HDMI interface. However, it is not the same output as a PC as these devices use the MHL codec to output their video. Your mobile device may or may not be compatible. Component/Composite/S-video output is not supported.
  • Courtroom lecterns are equipped with VHS, CD, cassette, and DVD players. Please note, if you have video on a DVD it must be in DVD FORMAT (NTSC). Simply burning a video from your computer to a blank DVD is not DVD format, it is a computer data file which a standard DVD player will not play back.
  • Wired Public internet connections at counsel tables and lecterns.
  • Integrated audio conferencing

Courtroom 260 has PC interfaces at counsel tables with a projector display, wired public internet, and audio conferencing only.