Law & Research


The Court Administrator for Law and Research reviews all civil, criminal and orphans' court filings before they are submitted to the Court for action. The review confirms compliance with all procedural and statutory requirements. Deficient applications are returned to litigants for correction.

The Court Administrator for Law and Research provides other support services to the Court, including rule revision, scrutiny of applications for public defender representation, and legal advice to court staff and Magisterial District Judges.

On a limited basis, the Court Administrator for Law Research will answer procedural inquiries from counsel and litigants. Only questions submitted in writing, by letter or fax, will receive responses. The Court Administrator for Law and Research cannot provide legal advice to counsel or litigants. Telephone inquiries will not be accepted unless they relate to true emergencies.


This is not a filing office. All filings must be accomplished through:

  • Clerk of Courts for criminal applications
  • Clerk of Orphans' Court for orphans' court filings
  • Prothonotary for civil applications

Similarly, if a pending filing must be located, it is important to check with the filing office first.