Victim / Witness

The Bucks County District Attorney's Victim/Witness Assistance Program recognizes that becoming a crime victim or witness can be a life-shattering event that may destroy a person's sense of safety and security. The demands of the criminal justice process can cause uncertainty and additional trauma to victims and witnesses. Therefore, we are committed to treating victims and witnesses with compassion, fairness, and respect by advocating for the enforcement of their rights, providing opportunities for them to be properly included in the criminal justice process, and making referrals to appropriate agencies.

Services Provided

Our services are available free of charge to all Bucks County crime victims, witnesses, and family members. In order to receive information and/or notice on matters concerning your case, we must have your current contact information. If your address or telephone number changes, you must notify us of this change as soon as possible.

Services provided to crime victims and witnesses include:

  • Advocacy within the criminal justice system
  • Assistance if you have a problem, complaint, or grievance Information about dealing with the news media
  • Assistance in filing claims for Pennsylvania Crime Victims' Compensation
  • Assistance with employer, creditor, and school intervention
  • Assistance with enrollment for release notification if the offender is in prison
  • Assistance with harassment or intimidation complaints
  • Assistance with restitution requests
  • Assistance with the return of property
  • Assistance with security issues during court hearings
  • Assistance with transportation for court appearances
  • Assistance with Victim Impact statements
  • Availability of a secure Victim/Witness waiting room
  • Case information and notification
  • Information on the Criminal Justice System and Victims' Rights
  • Referrals to community-based agencies that are available to provide court accompaniment, support, and counseling services


Information that you provide to the Victim/Witness Unit is considered to be confidential. We shall protect all information obtained from victims and their families in the course of providing services and shall not disclose confidential information to anyone other than a law enforcement agency, corrections agency, or prosecutor without the victim's consent.