Becoming a Notary Public

Application Process & Swearing In

A Notary Public applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements for an appointment:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a resident of or be employed within the Commonwealth
  • Be of good character, integrity and ability

To access the application, process and instructions, visit the PA Notaries website. To be sworn in as a Notary Public, you must bring your bond and photo identification to the Recorder of Deeds office.

Once sworn in you are then required to proceed to the Prothonotary's Office to sign your signature card. 


  • The fee for swearing in is $38.50
  • If paying by check, please make check out to: Recorder of Deeds
  • There is a small credit card processing fee if paying with credit card
  • The fee to sign your signature card is $4.50

Application Questions / More Information

For more information, please call the Recorder of Deeds office, contact your local State Senator, or go to the PA Department of State.