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PA CareerLink® Bucks County Employment Assistance for Employers

The PA CareerLink® Bucks County® offers Cost-Free Employer Services to employers through its Business Services Team (BST). The PA CareerLink® Bucks County BST is dedicated to serving our local businesses, from all industries, by identifying and recruiting qualified candidates to meet their workforce hiring needs. The BST can also provide employers with access to grant money for training, labor market information, occupational outlook projections, and wage data (national, state, local) to ensure your business stays competitive.

Candidate Search

  • PA CareerLink® Business Services, manages your online business folder to tailor recruitment and referrals
  • Pre-Screening of Applicants
  • Skills/Qualifications matching your opening and the right candidate

Assessment Services

Comprehensive assessment and matching services including CareerScope and eSkill:

  • CareerScope measures a candidate's aptitude and interest through valid and reliable assessment tasks.
  • eSkill is a nationally recognized hiring tool measuring if a candidate can do the job, and to identify training gaps

Assessment Areas Critical to Job Success Include:

Applied MathematicsListeningTeamwork
Applied TechnologyLocating InformationWorkplace Observation
Business WritingReading for InformationWriting

On the Job Training (OJT)

For employers who qualify, financial assistance may be available to offset the cost of on-boarding and training a new hire. This financial assistance is known as an On-the-Job Training (OJT) where 50% of salary costs are reimbursed for up to 6 months or $8,500.  Email Jessica Peterson for additional information.

OJT Reimbursement for Employers

  • Maximum reimbursement per employee of $8,500
  • Maximum training period per new hire is 6 month, average training is 3 to 4 months
  • Reduce the costs associated with training new employees
  • Salary costs are reimbursed to you monthly, OJT reimburses up to 50% of wages
  • Train your new employee for the skills needed to perform a specific job

Incumbent Worker Training

The PA CareerLink® Bucks county offers Bucks County employers the opportunity for reimbursement for providing third-party training to qualified employees.  This training program is available to upskill their existing workforce using a third-party training provider.  Depending upon company size, reimbursements can range from a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 90%.  Training is available for up to 20 employees per year and reimbursements are capped at $4,000 per person.  Employees receiving training must be employed a minimum of six months and must receive a wage increase, or a one-time bonus (dollar amount at the employer's discretion), within 60 days of completing the training. Once the application is submitted for reimbursement payments are made within 30 days.  All Incumbent Working Training (IWT) contracts must be signed prior to the start of training.

IWT Reimbursement for Employers

  • Employer reimbursement between 50% and 90% of training costs
  • Training for up to 20 employees per year
  • Maximum reimbursement per employee of $4,000