Youth Center

Youth Center Building ExteriorThe Bucks County Youth Center (BCYC) is a temporary holding facility (detention center) for alleged and adjudicated delinquent juveniles.  It is operated under the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Human Services, Title 55, Pennsylvania Code 3800 – Secure Detention Facility.


Youth between the ages of 10 years and 18 years, alleged to have committed a crime and under the authority of the Bucks County Juvenile Court, are remanded to the secure care of the center.  They remain under the care, custody and control of BCYC until a disposition has been finalized by the Juvenile Court.

BCYC also operates a Non-Secure, Community Based Residential Service Unit for males and females. The Residential Program offers individual, group and family counseling for its residents and operates under a Restorative Justice Model.

In addition, the BCYC Child Accountability Program (CAP) is offered as a placement option for the Bucks County Juvenile Court for male and female juveniles on probation. The program holds children accountable for negative behavior and serves as an alternative to lengthy out-of-home placements. The program consists of a two-day stay (typically Friday-Sunday) at the detention center.


All job opportunities are posted on the Human Resources page. Follow instructions posted there to apply.


College & University student internships are available at BCYC. Please email inquiries to us and include a cover letter and resume.

Tours/Speaking Engagements

Requests for tours or speaking engagements can be requested via email.