Residential Well Inspection Program

The Bucks County Department of Health (BCDH) began to implement rules and regulations for well inspections and construction standards for all wells not regulated by PA DEP in Bucks County, beginning in 2007. This is to minimize the potential of groundwater pollution from unregulated well use in Bucks County. The Department established minimum standards for:

  • Location of where wells are drilled 
  • Construction, alteration, or abandonment of drinking water wells, geothermal wells, monitoring wells and agricultural wells in a manner which will protect the ground-water resource for present and future use 
  • Require licensed well-water contractors to construct or abandon wells 
  • Permitting of any well not currently regulated by PA DEP (monitoring wells, agricultural wells, etc.) 
  • Regulate geothermal wells.  

For more information, please call 215-345-3318.

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