Student Internships

The Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole Department has provided graduate and undergraduate student placement opportunities to numerous colleges and universities with a commitment to providing the opportunity to learn.


It is our feeling that by offering placements we are better preparing future employees of the criminal justice system and involving the citizenry in the correctional process. We have hired former student interns to full-time and interim positions in recent years.


Prospective students and their sponsoring college or university are asked to review this information in detail. We feel the foundation for a valuable intern experience is built upon sound communication, preparation, and clear expectations of all those involved in this joint learning experience. This publication is designed to aid prospective students and their sponsoring institutions, considering a placement with our Department.

Fill out the Internship Application (PDF). Upon completion, you may fax, email or mail via US Postal Service to the address specified. If your email does not give you a confirmation that it has sent after submitting, please use one of the above ways instead to ensure delivery.


Any violation of process, policy, or regulations of the department will automatically result in termination from the practicum placement. A department or college inquiry shall not be necessary. The department reserves the right to terminate the placement as deemed necessary.

At no time may the student intern refuse to do or complete assigned work without approval of the mentor or student intern coordinator.