Board of Assessment Appeals

About the Board

The primary function of the board, which is comprised of three members, is to determine the current market value of all properties in the county and calculate the appropriate assessment. The board, whose administrative duties are strictly governed under statutes established by the General Assembly for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, also maintains policies, management operations, and supervises assessments within the county.

Administrative & General Office Staff

The major responsibilities of the administrative and general office staff personnel is to prepare tax rolls for Real Estate, Occupation, Act 319, Purta Act 4, and Homestead/Farmstead Act 1. The staff also prepares and schedules appeal hearings for the board, prepares certified copies of Real Estate Assessment Summary for all taxing authorities, and assists the general public with information requests.

Tax Mapping

The tax mapping department maintains and updates maps on every parcel in the county. This department also processes deeds on properties and subdivisions, assigns tax parcel numbers, and assists taxpayers, searchers, attorneys, surveyors, realtors and the general public with information requests.

Deed Registry

The deed registry personnel operates in conjunction with the Recorder of Deeds office by checking, making and affixing tax parcel number labels to every document to be recorded.


The assessors appraise all parcels to keep the County in uniformity for assessment purposes by physically looking at each new construction, and/or addition to keep property record cards up to date with accurate information.

Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion

The deadline for Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion for the tax year beginning July 1, 2024 is March 1, 2024. If you are eligible and have not received an application in the mail, the form and instructions can be downloaded and submitted.

Adjustment Reason Codes

Adjustment Reason Codes are provided as a work-in-progress guide and is neither intended as a conclusive basis for assessment adjustment nor utilized by the Assessment Board for such purpose.

Appeal Forms

The deadline for filing 2024 Annual Appeals is August 1, 2024. Application with required fee and applicable documents must be on file in the office of the Bucks County Board of Assessment Appeals or postmarked on or before August 1, 2024 for Annual Appeals.

Tax Information

The estimated tax information will be updated each year when the new millage rates are received from the taxing authorities. 

Public Access System

The Board of Assessment uploads data once a week into its Public Access System website.

Exemption Requests

Municipal/school district appeals, and group appeal forms must be requested in writing to the Board of Assessment Appeals Office.