Fee Schedule

Fee Documents

Basis of Fees in Schedule

Additional pages in excess of 4 will be $4 each. Additional names in excess of 4 will be $1 each. Each additional parcel number in excess of 1 will be $10 each. All fees listed within the Fee Schedule are based on:

  • 1 parcel number
  • 4 names
  • 4 pages

Special Services

  • Official search per name/item for court order: $5
  • Special handling per document: $25

Recording by Mail

You may do your recording by mail; however, you should make sure the documents meet all legal requirements and that you have proper checks enclosed, made payable to the Recorder of Deeds and for the correct amounts.  Also, when recording by mail please make sure to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the recorded document to be sent back once recorded and verified by our office.

Note that the following should come directly to the Recorder's Office:

  • Copy requests
  • Deeds
  • General Powers of Attorney
  • Mortgages
  • Notary Commissions
  • Satisfaction Pieces
  • UCC forms
  • Veterans papers, etc.

Fee & Process Updates

Paper Receipts

In an effort to reduce costs and the amount of paper consumption by the Recorder of Deeds Office, effective September 1, 2012 this office will no longer be providing paper copies of receipts for documents submitted. The new process will be to email copies of receipts to document submitters.

Please complete the Submitter Information Form (PDF) and return to the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds Office, so that we can enter all email addresses for document submitters into the LANDEX system.

If we must print a paper copy of a receipt there will be a $0.50 cent charge per receipt requested.

Credit Card Transactions

Effective April 23, 2014 the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds is now able to accept credit card transactions at our recording counter. Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. *There is a service fee of 3.0% for all credit card transactions.

Rejection Fee

Effective April 1, 2014 the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds will be instituting a $10 rejection fee for all documents that must be returned.