Junk Spam

Unwanted Email (Spam)

Do not open e-mail from people you do not know. Ask your Internet Service Provider what they do to prevent such e-mail. The Direct Marketing Association has an online form to reduce unwanted email.

Junk Faxes

Unsolicited faxes are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To file a complaint online, visit the FCC website or call 888-225-5322.

The law prohibits faxes from being sent to you without your permission. The exception to the law is if you have an established business relationship with the company sending the faxes.

The law requires the sender of the fax to:

  1. Not be a 900 number
  2. Show the telephone number of the sender's fax machine
  3. Specify date and time of fax, and identity of the sender