General Information

  • There is no used car Lemon Law in Pennsylvania.
  • There is no 3-day cancellation on auto sales or leases.
  • Make sure that all financing is complete and at the rate promised before signing any paperwork.
  • Don't be pressured into buying. If the salesman pushes, walk away!
  • All promises and warranty information should be in writing.
  • Be careful when considering aftermarket warranties, pre-existing conditions may apply.
  • Research the vehicle title by using and this will give the vehicle's history.
  • On a used vehicle insist on an independent inspection by your mechanic before you purchase.


Choosing the Right Shop

  • Learn about good shops before you need one, so you won't have to choose a shop at the last minute and in a rush.
  • Get recommendations from family and friends about good experiences they've had with repair shops or mechanics.
  • Make sure the shop you choose is capable of the type of repair you need.
  • If you have a warranty that covers the repair, make sure the shop will honor it, and is authorized to make the repair under the warranty.
  • Comparison-shop for prices, as there can be large differences in charges among repair facilities.

Pennsylvania Auto Regulations

Pennsylvanians are protected by the Automotive Industry Trade Practices regulations, which detail consumers' rights when having a car repaired. The regulations provide that a repair shop must:

  • Advise consumers of their right to have replaced parts returned to them
  • Complete repairs within the time specified (or within 24 hours of delivery if no time is mentioned)
  • Disclose, in advance, any charges for estimates or storage
  • Inform the consumer whether parts put on the vehicle are new, used, or reconditioned
  • Obtain additional authorization from the consumer before performing repairs that exceed the dollar amount set by the consumer
  • Obtain the consumer's written or verbal authorization before charging for repairs
  • Provide a detailed bill itemizing charges for parts and labor