HIV Awareness Days

  • HIV AIDS Awareness DaysNational Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - February 7th
  • National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - March 10th
  • National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - March 20th
    • Recognizing American Indians/Alaska Natives and HIV/AIDS
  • HIV Vaccine Awareness Day - May 18th
  • National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - May 19th
  • Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - June 8th
  • National HIV Testing Day - June 27th
  • National Latino AIDS Awareness Day - October 15th
  • World AIDS Day - December 1st

National HIV Testing Day

In an attempt to raise awareness for National HIV Testing Day (June 27th) and promote routine testing for those at risk for HIV infection, the Bucks County Department of Health promotes HIV testing throughout the county during every STD/HIV clinic as well as during every HIV educational presentation. The HIV program dispenses red T-shirts, red keychain flashlights and pamphlets that display the slogan "Know Your Status…Get Tested".

World AIDS Day

Bucks County Department of Health World AIDS Day Campaign

The local campaign "Don't Forget" serves to remind the citizens of Bucks County that HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic that also resides here in our county. No matter how affluent our overall county is, people are living with AIDS and dying from complications of AIDS as many are doing around the world. This theme is meant to inspire individuals to take the lead in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS by not forgetting that the battle is far from won. Every person, regardless of their economic status, should be aware of the devastation of AIDS and acknowledge that there are people in our county as well as around the world who do not have funds for medical care and treatment readily available.

Additionally, the theme serves as a reminder that AIDS is a human disease and that we need to remain vigilant against stigmatizing those who are infected and affected. Stigma hinders HIV/AIDS prevention and medical care efforts by sustaining silence and denial. Therefore, we need to remember to fight HIV/AIDS not people with HIV/AIDS!