Mission Statement

The Bucks County Treasurer's office is an elected office whose mission is to receive and safely keep all money coming into the County. It is our mission to provide the highest level of service to the citizens of Bucks County, and to fulfill the responsibilities mandated by the State of Pennsylvania while operating within the framework of the County’s overall mission statement.


The Treasurer's Office is responsible for collecting, investing, disbursing and reconciling all county funds. Bucks County is a leader in utilizing the most up-to-date financial technology. Combining this technology with prudent cash management, we are able to achieve maximum return on all county funds which resulted in an AAA rating for the county. Additionally, the office maintains over 64 bank and financial statements, disburses all county checks and processes approximately 75,000 State license applications.


Mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Treasurer's Office issues

  • Bingo and small games of chance licenses
  • Dog licenses
  • Fishing licenses
  • Hunting licenses
  • Sportsman firearm registration licenses
  • Temporary boat registrations licenses


Other duties include collection and disbursement of Act 515/319 rollback taxes and the Bucks County Hotel Lodging Room Rental tax.

Role in Board of Investment

The Treasurer is the Chairman of the Board of Investment and is a member of the Retirement Board and Board to Select Depositories.