Pre-Bid Sign-in

2022 Sign-in Sheets

  1. 01-0122-Architecture Land and Development Design Services for LBGSC-SignIn
  2. 08-0322 Select Demolition and Rehab for African American Museum of BC Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-In Sheet
  3. 09-0322 Emergency Services Building Addition and Alterations Sign-In Sheet
  4. 11-0322 Superstructure Replacement of BC Br 279 Sign-In Sheet
  5. 13-0422 Replacement of BC Bridge 270 Roudenbush Rd over Kimples Creek Sign-In Sheet
  6. 15-0422 RFP Implementation of eDiscovery Software Solution Sign-In Sheet
  7. 18-0522 RFP County Banking Services Mandatory PreProposal Meeting Sign-In
  8. 19-0522-Rehab of Bridge 55 Sign-In Sheet
  9. 20-0522-Rehab of Bridge 258 Sign-In Sheet
  10. 21-0522-Replacement of Bridge 26 Sign-In Sheet
  11. 23-0522 Building Demolition at Three County Locations Sign-In Sheet
  12. 27-0622 Rehabilitation of Bridge 183 Farm School Road over Thoickon Creek Bedminster Township Sign-In Sheet
  13. 30-0622 Rehab of Bridge 36 Sign-In Sheet
  14. 31-0622 RFP Design Construction Management and Operation of Aerial Adventure Park Sign-In Sheet
  15. 33-0622 RFP Enterprise Network Internet and Managed Communications Services Sign-In Sheet
  16. 32-0622 RFP Timekeeping and Scheduling Solution Sign-In Sheet
  17. 34-0722 DOC and YC Facility Maintenance Services Sign-In Sheet
  18. 35-0722-Mobile Mental Health Therapy - Mandatory Pre-Bid Attendees
  19. 36-0622 Replace Padgenite Panels at Public Safety Training Center Burn Building Sign-In
  20. 38-0722 Bucks County Law Enforcement Virtual Training Facility Sign-In Sheet
  21. 39-0722 Restoration and Renovation of the Farmhouse for the African American Museum of Bucks County Sign-In Sheet
  22. 44-0822-Levittown Trail Design and Engineering Pre-Bid Sign-In Sheet
  23. 45-0822 Demolition of Former Women's Community Corrections Center.2 Sign-In
  24. 49-0822 Replacement of Burn Panels at Public Safety Training Center Sign -In Sheet
  25. 52-0922 Rehabilitation of Bridge 36 Stockton Avenue over Aquetong Creek New Hope Borough.2 Sign-In Sheet
  26. 53-1022 Electrical Elevator and Mechanical Rebid for AAMBC Sign-In
  27. 56-1022-Therapy Services Sign-In Sheet
  28. 57-1022 Replacement of County Bridge 48 Rolling Hills Road Over Deep Sign-In
  29. 60-1122 Asbestos Abatement and Underground Tank Removal for Demo of Former WCCC Sign-In Sheet
  30. 62-1122 Booster Pump Replacement Admin Bldg and NM Nursing Facility Sign-In Sheet
  31. 63-1022-Homeland Security Program Sign-In Sheet
  32. 66-1122 Contract for Tree Removal Services Sign-In Sheet
  33. 67-1122 Russian Stove Restoration Sign-In
  34. 70-1122 Building Demo 1355 Roudenbush Road Sign-In
  35. 72-1122 3-Yr Contract to Rent Trash Compactor and Container Sign-In
  36. 73-1222 Voting Machines Warehouse HVAC and Electrical Upgrades Sign-In