Purchasing Department


The Purchasing Department is responsible for making the most economical acquisition of quality goods and services to assure efficient operation of County Government. The department strives to foster participation of all businesses offering goods and services that may be used by the county. The Bucks County Purchasing Department works to ensure the county will receive the best quality, in the most cost-effective way.

Registering as a Vendor

As of April 6, 2017 the County has partnered with PennBid to use its online procurement system. Their service enables us to provide automatic bid and quote notification, instant access to bid and quote information and electronic bid and quote submission via the web.

You may see the County's posted solicitations online at the PennBid website. You must register with PennBid to download a solicitation. If you have questions, or need technical assistance you must contact PennBid by clicking the Help button on their website.

The Quote Process

The County of Bucks conducts a competitive quote process for purchases from $10,000 to the bid threshold. For purchases over $10,000 written quotes are received utilizing Penn Bid and/or multiple written quotes.

The Bid Process

Bids will be awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder meeting the required specifications. Vendors are cautioned when completing the bid/proposal form that all instructions given in the bid/proposal must be followed and the bid/proposal must be submitted electronically on PennBid by the time specified on the bid document. Bids are opened at 11:30 am on the date due and the bid opening is open to public. Late or improperly delivered bids/proposals will not be considered.

Notices are posted on the PennBid website.

Requests for Information

If you wish to receive a copy of Quote, Bid, or RFP responses that are not posted on the PennBid website, you must submit a Right to Know request to Commissioners' Open Records Officer. Please note that according to the PA Right to Know Law, Quote, Bid and RFP responses are not considered public records until after an award has been made.

Do not contact the Open Records Officer if you wish to receive a copy of a Pre-Bid Meeting Sign In sheet, Bid Award Tabulations or want information on the status of the award of a Quote, Bid or RFP. You may or go to the PennBid website or come into the Purchasing Department Office and request a paper copy. Any paper copies made will be charged 25¢ per page.

Tax Status

The County of Bucks, as a subdivision of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is exempt from all state and federal taxes. Each purchase order issued makes reference to the tax-exempt status.