Security Department


It is the mission of the Bucks County Security Department to deliver professional and effective services, fairly and ethically, always.  We strive to prevent crime and enhance the overall quality of work and life for all County employees and visitors on all County properties and buildings.

Department Overview

The Security Department is part of the Bucks County Emergency Services Division and maintains a 24-hour presence throughout several of the County properties.

In order to complete our Mission, the Security Department is managed by the Director of Law & Safety, who oversees an Office Manager, two Sergeants and twenty-eight Peace Officers. The Security Department is responsible for providing a secure environment for all County employees and visitors. The department has officers assigned to various locations throughout the County, including the Domestic Relations Building in Bristol, the Lower Bucks Government Service Center in Levittown, and the Neshaminy Manor Complex in Doylestown.  These locations are in addition to the County Government buildings in Doylestown.

The Department’s officers patrol on foot, bicycle and marked Emergency Services Security Vehicles, while also providing escorts and emergency medical care for all medical situations that occur within our jurisdiction. All officers are certified in CPR and First Aid and are prepared to respond to medical emergencies in any of the County buildings. 

Justice Center & Administration Building Security

Firearms are not authorized in these buildings and any individual found to be possessing a firearm without proper authorization is subject to criminal arrest.  Individuals who possess a valid concealed carry permit will be permitted to secure firearms in an available lock box.  

Everyone entering the Justice Center or the Administration Building must go through security screening. Visitors will have all hand carried items go through an x-ray machine and individuals must be screened through a magnetometer.  Anyone found carrying prohibited items such as other weapons, knives, scissors, or the like will be given the opportunity to return these items to their vehicle or said items will be confiscated.  Confiscated items will not be returned. 

In addition to the Peace Officers, there are nineteen security screeners that are assigned to the Justice Center and Administration Building.  These important staff members monitor items being brought into the buildings to ensure the safety of all our employees and visitors. 

All Peace Officers complete In-Service Training in addition to participating in continuing trainings throughout the year, taking advantage of programs such as Critical Incident Team (CIT) Training at the Bucks County Police Training Center, as well as courses offered by the Department of Homeland Security.  All Peace Officers complete annual certifications in accordance with Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) standards.