Eileen Hartnett Albillar, MSW                                                                  Clerk of Courts                                          

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clerk of Courts office is to professionally maintain the integrity of the county’s criminal records, support the courts, treat members of the community with respect, and assess, collect and distribute monies due.

Clerk of Courts - Criminal Division Overview

The primary responsibility of the Clerk of Courts is as the custodian of criminal court records and juvenile delinquency and dependency court records. The Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) is used for the management and transfer of information and data to and from the Magisterial District Courts, Court of Common Pleas, and PA State Police. All 67 Pennsylvania Counties use CPCMS.

The Clerk of Courts' office assesses, collects, and disburses restitution and court costs, fines and fees. In 2022, we disbursed $2.7 million in restitution to crime victims, $2.2 million to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and $4.4 million to the County of Bucks.

Delinquency Recovery Program

In 2020 the Bucks County Clerk of Courts implemented its' Delinquency Recovery Program (DRiP) to collect unpaid court costs, fines, fees, and victim restitution. This innovative program has the potential to recover millions of dollars.

Payment plans can be set up or reset to help those who owe past due amounts on criminal cases. Call 215-340-8037 for more information on DRiP.