Real Estate Sales


Beginning December 14, 2023 (for April sale) the deposit for Real Estate sales will increase to $2,500.00 due to increase in advertising and costs.

The Bucks County Sheriff's Sale is held the second Friday of each month at 11:00 AM in the

Commissioner's Meeting Room

Bucks County Administration Building

55 E. Court Street

Doylestown, PA

Mortgage and Judgment defaults on real estate sales are processed through the Sheriff's Office. 

Sheriff Sales are advertised once a week for three successive weeks:

  • By posting Sheriff's Handbills in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office.
  • By posting Sheriff's Handbills on the property.
  • Advertising in the Bucks County Law Reporter.
  • Advertising in a newspaper or general circulation where the property is located.

The Sheriff does not research properties for debts/liens prior to the sale.

Bidders are recommended to obtain professional assistance such as an attorney or title searcher unless you are capable of searching records to ascertain obligations against any of the listed properties. Some debts and liens on properties require review in the following offices:

Zoning information of the property may be helpful. Also, corporate liens should be checked through Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, Harrisburg, PA.

Properties are not available for inspection prior to sale.