Employer Training Program

The Bucks County Workforce and Economic Development Office in conjunction with funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is providing companies and organizations with professional training in a multitude of topics. Workforce and Economic Development has partnered with the Bucks County Community College, Integrity and the Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce to deliver specific courses which will result in personal and professional growth both for the employees and the organization. 

Information and contact for the individual programs can be found below.

  1. Employer Training Topics
  2. Bucks County Community College
  3. Integrity Management Group
  4. Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce
  • Team Building and Retention
  • Performance, Leadership and  Supervision
  • Compliance and Safety
  • Continued Development, New Skill Building, Enhanced Opportunities

Bucks County Employer Training is an equal opportunity program funded by the American Rescue Plan Act and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. For program funding details in compliance with the Stevens Amendment, please visit https://www.buckscounty.gov/1825/Stevens-Amendment