Status Report Under Pa. O.C. Rule 10.6

Status Report Under Pa. O.C. Rule 10.6

You may have received a letter indicating that you failed to file the Status Report Under Pa. O.C. Rule 10.6. This is a report, due within two years of date of death, and if administration has not been completed, annually thereafter until administration of the estate is complete.

The Status Report Under Pa. O. C. Rule 10.6 can be mailed to our office with a $25 check or filed online through our portal at no charge.

Our office is located at 55 East Court Street, 6th Floor, Doylestown, PA 18901. Checks should be made payable to “Register of Wills”.

To file online, first complete and sign the Status Report and scan and save it to your computer. If unsure of how to fill out the Status Report, we encourage you to consult an attorney. The Bucks County Bar Association can be reached at 215-348-9413. Our office is not permitted to provide legal advice.

Once your Status Report is completed and saved onto your computer, go to and log in.

Create an account if you don’t already have one. You may not e-file as a guest.

Select e-Filing from the left-hand menu.

Choose Subsequent Filing.

Use the existing filing number XXXX-XXXXX (do not use the 09 prefix).

Select Filing Type: Status Report Under Rule 10.6 “complete” or “incomplete” depending upon case status.

Select “Next” at the bottom of the screen four times until you reach the screen prompting you to upload your document.

Select Finish.

A confirmation email will be sent once your e-filing has been reviewed and accepted by our office.

To review basic responsibilities as personal representative of an estate, please click here to review the Probate Resources and Timeline document provided as a convenience. You can always review your estate online at and compare your timeline against our docket to confirm which documents have been filed. Should you have any questions, we would suggest you consult with an estate attorney to understand all requirements.