Environmental Records

The Bucks County Department of Health maintains records containing environmental reports related to septic systems and potable wells. If you are seeking these types of records, you may e-mail a request to the Department of Health.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Pennsylvania DEP maintains environmental records relating to Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments as well as records relating to environmental contamination, hazmat spills, superfund sites, enforcement actions, remedial actions, and violations of environmental laws. These records include information of environmental site assessments, spills and releases, solid waste violations, underground and aboveground storage tanks, monitoring wells, hazardous waste storage, Environmental cleanups, site remediation, and air pollution concerns.  You may obtain these records through the DEP Public Records and Documents website or by calling 484-250-5900. 

Municipalities maintain records pertaining to zoning, planning, and building permits.  To obtain those records, please contact the local municipality where the relevant property is located.