Sustainability Actions for Individuals

Living more sustainably includes a lot more than just flying less and taking shorter showers. 
Some personal sustainability initiatives can include:
  • Voting for the Environment & Environmental Justice - Our government is made by the people for the people so if change is going to happen, it will come through the voice of the people through votes. As the county continues to work tirelessly to ensure accessible, fair, and transparent elections for all, it is vitally important that citizens remain engaged and  continue to vote on important matters such as improving ecosystem health.
  • Keep up to Date - Follow Bucks County on social media to stay informed about county actions and events. Our social media links can be found in the lower left-hand corner of this page.
  • Engaging with Others - Get involved with or create an environmental/sustainability commission/working group within your community.
  • Eating and Using Locally Produced Items - You don't have to eat all organic to eat more sustainably. By eating locally produced food, we keep food production close to home, making us more resilient to global supply disruptions. Learn more about Bucks County's Local Foodshed here.
  • Spend Time Outdoors - Time and time again research has shown that nature knows best. Spending time outdoors is good for your physical and mental health as well as increase your respect and love for nature.
  • Bringing Nature Home - Whether you live in an apartment or have a large yard, there are plenty of ways you can help increase the ecological resilience of your area. A little habitat goes a long way for pollinators and other wildlife. Consider planting native plants to support your local ecology. Check out the Homegrown Natural Park program.
  • Reduce Plastic Use - Plastic pollution is a major environmental issue, particularly for marine animals, so cutting back on  single use products (particularly single use plastic bags) makes a big difference for oceanic health.
  • Prevent Littering - Not all littering is intentional. Find out what you can do to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful here.
  • Properly Dispose of E-Waste - Did you know you can drop off old tvs, computers, and other e-waste products for free? click here for e-waste centers in Bucks County or for other resources, visit the eCycling flyer on our Recycle page.
  • Compost- Food waste makes up 20% of our trash. Nearly all of which can be composted and turned back into soil instead of going into a landfill and producing methane. You can learn to compost at home here.
  • Grow a Pollinator Garden - Whether you just have an apartment patio or a large backyard, every little bit of habitat helps! Look for resources with the Xerces Society or Pollinator Partnership program.
  • Reduce Energy Use - insulating your house or apartment and buying energy star appliances (see list here). Federal tax rebates will be increasing in 2023 so now is a great time to update to a new energy saving system! Here are Tax Incentives from EnergyStar and from the US Department of Energy.
  • Go Solar - Check out our Solar landing page to see how you can support solar locally.
  • Have more ideas?      Send them to Cassandra Goodmansen <>
Two native bumblebees on flower
oak tree