Registered Apprenticeship is a training program a business or training provider develops, meeting a specific set of criteria, to train full-time employees in hard-to-fill, technically based occupations. These criteria include a year or more of on-the-job and classroom-based learning, scheduled wage increases and dedicated mentoring, culminating in apprentice employees earning a National Certification within that occupation. 

Many of today's companies and training providers are developing Registered Apprenticeship programs to rebuild their workforce, retain talent and transfer knowledge and skills. Registered Apprenticeships can span multiple industries and occupations, ranging from the skilled trades, construction and manufacturing to IT, healthcare and hospitality, and beyond. In Bucks County, a dedicated Apprenticeship Navigator supports apprenticeship expansion and access.

Registered Apprenticeship is a proven "grow your own" strategy for companies to use in building their talent pool for their most customized technical occupations. Career Seekers benefit from employment in Registered Apprenticeships as a "learn while you earn" model and receive in-depth training for high-demand occupations.

Apprenticeship Building America Grant

ApprenticesApprenticeship Building America Logohip Building America (ABA) Grant funds are now available for registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Funding is available for apprentices and pre-apprentices who have started a registered program after 1/1/2023.

For more information and to apply ASAP, contact the Bucks and Montco ABA Grant Coordinator, Adina Tayar,

Read the full ABA press release.

Apprenticeship Support Services

In Bucks County, the following apprenticeship support services are available:
  • Consultations with businesses and training providers to help them develop and register apprenticeship programs
  • Funding and recruiting support for Registered Apprenticeship programs
  • Expansion of existing apprenticeship programs
  • Local PA CareerLink® support for career seekers interested in finding Registered Apprenticeship employment opportunities
  • Connection to state and federal Registered Apprenticeship initiatives and funding
  • Access to pre-apprenticeship training at the youth or adult level to prepare for apprenticeship employment

For More Information

Businesses and training providers are directed to contact the Bucks County Regional Apprenticeship Coordinator, Adina Tayar, Career Seekers should contact or visit their local PA CareerLink® office for assistance finding and applying to apprenticeship employment opportunities.

American Job Center Network
PA CareerLink® Bucks County is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. For program funding details in compliance with the Stevens Amendment, please visit