Retirement Board

The Bucks County Employees’ Pension Plan (“The Plan”) is a single employer defined pension plan that covers employees of the County.  The Plan is managed by the Bucks County Retirement Board which consists of County Commissioners Robert J. Harvie, Jr., Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, LCSW, Gene DiGirolamo, County Treasurer Kristian Ballerini and County Controller Pamela A. Van Blunk, Esquire.

Retirement Investments Account Reconciliation - January 2023

Retirement Investments Account Reconciliation - December 2022

Retirement Board Actuarial Report 2022

Duties of the Controller

Pursuant to the Commonwealth Pension Act of 1971, the Controller is a member and serves as secretary of the Retirement Board. The Controller maintains records of individual retirement fund contributions and interest accrued thereon, prepares financial statements of the fund, and has the responsibility for refund and pension payments to members. The Controller also maintains the accounting records for the retirement fund and prepares reports as required by the Board and outside agencies.


A member's normal retirement date is age 60 regardless of the length of service, or age 55 or older after completing twenty years of credited service. Credited service is the total amount of time that you actively contributed to the Retirement System. All members are considered 100% vested after completing 5 years of credited service. 

On or about August 4, 2022, members received their personalized Pension Benefit Statement which is an estimate of your retirement benefit as of January 1, 2022.  The County’s actuary, Korn Ferry, is responsible for preparation of this statement. This Statement is distributed by the Controller’s Office as a service to our members. Please remember that this Statement is only an estimate and actual retirement benefits will be determined at the time of retirement. 

Retirement Seminars

The Controller’s Office will be conducting retirement seminars in October to answer your questions regarding your pension benefit. Please check back here for upcoming dates.