About Us - Bucks LEPC Membership and Committees

Bucks County LEPC Membership

The minimum composition of all LEPC's in Pennsylvania is prescribed in Section 203 of the Pennsylvania Hazardous Material Emergency Planning and Response Act, Act 165 of 1990. The By-laws of the Bucks County LEPC provide for this minimum representation plus additional representatives to provide an adequate cross-section of the involved community. Candidates for membership on the Committee are recommended to the County Commissioners for submission to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council, which appoints the members. Members serve for a term of two years, with one half of the terms expiring each year.

Bucks County LEPC Committees

Emergency Response Plan preparation and updates, Facility Tier II report receipt and tracking, administration of collected fees and numerous other administrative and clerical functions are provided by the office of the Bucks County Emergency Management Agency. However, in order to accomplish the other prescribed duties of the LEPC, a standing sub-committee structure has been established to organize the work. There are currently five (5) standing sub-committees as follows:

  • Administration - Committee organization; Rules of operation; Staffing; and Budget/funding
  • Public Information - Procedures for handling public inquiries on materials; Press releases; Public notices; Public hearings/meetings; Media relations; Hazmat brochures
  • Training and Emergency Services Liaison - Definition of training requirements and needs; Sources of Training; Plan practice, planning execution and evaluation; Evaluation of emergency incidents and review with the Committee; Committee relations with all emergency services units in the community, including police, fire and rescue squads
  • Information Management - Management of data from MSDS, Tier I and Tier II; Emergency communications on hazardous materials
  • Emergency Planning - Work with covered facilities in development of off-site response plans.