The Pipersville Stovers - Eliza Beidler Stover and Christian Myers

Eliza Beidler Stover Myers (1844-1927)

Eliza, daughter of Samuel and Anna Stover, attended the Excelsior Normal Institute in Carversville. She married Christian Myers of Plumsteadville in 1863. Christian took over managing the mill. The two had three sons together: Horace, Hugh Ely, and Ira. All of whom attended and graduated from Lafayette College in Easton. 

Portait of Eliza Beidler Stover Myers

An early image of Eliza Beidler Stover Myers

Notebook page from Eliza Beidler Stover Journal

A page of Eliza Beider Stover's School Work

Christian M. Myers (1841-1917)

Christian was born in Plumsteadville to Samuel and Susanna Myers. He was educated in public school and inherited the mechanical genius of his father. He made the first hay rake and drag to be used on the family farm. He married  Eliza Beidler Stover in 1863 and soon after took over her father Samuel’s Flour Mill in Pipersville. 

He served as millwright, dressing his own mill picks. He improved the mill several times with the latest machinery.  In 1885 he brought in a new roller process and in 1903 he installed the Gyrator system of bolting. In 1888 when Samuel died, Eliza inherited the mill. In  1904, Christian finally retired  and turned the business over to Norman L. Worman, the mill’s foreman. 

Christian Myers kept a diary, jotting down every day things. The January, 2024 Bucks’ Bygone Byways Blog, “Christian M. Myers: A Year in the Life,” includes excerpts of Myers’ 1905 diary, giving the reader a great insight in how chores from over 100 years ago differ from today.  

In 1920 the mill ceased milling flour and began to be operated as a feed mill. Eliza died in 1927 and left the mill to her two surviving sons. S. Horace bought out Ira’s shares and continued to rent the mill out to local millers. 

He died in 1941 and left the mill to his daughter Roberta who sold the mill in 1942. The parks and recreation department bought the mill in 1967.

Portrait of Christian M. Myers

Christian M Myers

Christian Myers Mill Ledger

A ledger from Christian Myers

Roller Mills inside the Stover Mill

Roller Mills in Sepia

Roller Mills inside the Stover Mill (Close-Up)

A Roller Mill at the Stover-Myers Mill

Obituary of Christian Myers, Quakertown Free Press, June 22, 1917

The Obit for Christian Myers in the Quakertown Free Press on June 22, 1917