Erwin Stover Programs

The Erwin Stover House is open for tours from 12-4 every weekend from May through October. Visitors will have a chance to learn about the house and grounds, its furnishings and the people who lived and worked on the land. In addition to its regular open hours the house is home to a variety of additional community events, some annual and others regularly scheduled throughout the season, each designed to share aspects of daily life throughout the region in history.

St. Tammany Day Celebration

The Erwin Stover programming season begins each year with an annual Celebration of Spring held the last Saturday in April. This event features a maypole dance, colonial games and the revival of the Colonial era celebration of St. Tammany which honored the Lenape Sachem, Tammanend.

St. Tammany Day Celebration

St. Tammany Day Event

Historical Demonstrations

Throughout the year, historians will offer hands-on demonstrations on how people lived, worked and played throughout history. Topics will vary from textiles to gardening, food preservation and preparation to outdoor pastimes. 

Our 2023 Historic Demonstration Dates will be added at the beginning of the year.

18th and 19th Century Toys and Games for All Ages, Saturday, May 20, 1-4 pm

From Teas to Toddies, Drinks and Drinking Vessels in the 18th and 19th Century,  Saturday, June 17, 1-4 pm


Rolling dough for gingerbread cookies during historical demonstration

Rolling Dough

The Tinicum Players

The Tinicum players are a volunteer acting troop that was formed in 2021 to develop immersive theatrical experiences for visitors to the Erwin Stover House. Using historical documents as a resource, they recreate the life and traditions of the people who lived in Tinicum Township. In addition to staging the annual play, “The Assassination of Arthur Erwin” on the anniversary of his death on June 9th the Players’ host a monthly evening Decades Club where visitors can immerse themselves in the games and music of the past.  Our 2023 Tinicum Players Decades Club programs will be held on the fourth Thursday of the Month, 6-9 pm from July through October. The schedule is as follows: An Evening of 1790s Colonial Tavern Games and Stories on July 27; An Evening of 1820s Regency Card Games and Gossip, August 24; An Evening of 1860s Victorian Games and Music, September 28th; An Evening of 1890's Spiritualism and Gothic Tales, October 26th.


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Erwinna Fall Festival

The annual Erwinna Fall Festival is held the first Saturday in November every year. It is based on a story written by local author Joyce Gilmour called the Erwinna Witches. Through its delightful whimsy the festival recreates the historic village of Erwinna for young visitors to appreciate through a activities such as an obstacle course and scavenger hunts.

St. Nicholas Day Celebration

The St. Nicholas Day annual event is held on the second Saturday in December. Visitors have a chance to immerse themselves in the traditional Victorian era holiday of Bucks County's early German Settlers. For the Stover Family the Holiday began early in December on St. Nicholas Day. How was the house decorated? What did people wear? What was their favorite tasty treat? Learn the history of the gingerbread cookie and see how they were made. Listen to traditional stories of St. Nicholas. Make an old world paper flower ornament. Or join the Stovers in a round of Christmas Carols.

Photo of Erwinna Fall Festival

Fall Festival

Photo of the St. Nicholas Day Celebration with the Stovers

Reenactment of St. Nicholas Day at the Stover House