The Erwinna Stovers - John J. and Matilda Stover

Portrait of John J. Stover

Portrait of John J. Stover

John J. Stover (1870-1958)

John was the youngest child of Jacob and Mary. He attended Swarthmore College and then came home to run the Stover’s Flour Mills. 

Verga Ann Stover (1875-1944)

John married Verga Ann Stover. She was born in Frenchtown, NJ and lived at the River Road address 34 years. She was a member of Frenchtown Baptist Church and served as the local piano teacher.

Stover Telephone Company

In 1900 John founded the Stover Telephone Company with a direct line to Philadelphia through the Keystone System. The company ran until 1931 with the telephone operator set up in the Erwin Stover House. In 1902 he leased the flour mill and the farm to tenants. 

Providing Electricity

John set up a dynamo to operate the mill turbine in 1903 and began providing electricity to the residents of Erwinna. Power was turned off every night at 9:30 when the miller went home for the day.

Move to Erwin-Stover House

In 1930, John and his wife Vergie and his sister, Matilda (“Tillie”) moved into the Erwin-Stover House. Tillie lived in the south side and John and his wife in the north. In 1955, John gave his house and property to the County of Bucks to be used as a park for public use.

1918 Photo of Erwinna

Erwinna in the winter of 1918

Portrait of Verga Ann Stover

Portrait of Verga Ann Hillpot Stover

Advertisement for the Stover Telephone Company

Kintnersville Tel. Co. and Stover Tel. Co. connecting with the Keystone System Ad

Matilda (Tillie) Stover (1856-1952)

Tillie was the first born of Jacob and Mary Stover. She attended Doylestown Seminary and never married. She was an avid newspaper reader and a charter member of the Delaware Valley Protective Association dedicated to preserving the Delaware Canal Corridor after the Canal closed for business. In 1930 Tillie moved into the Erwin Stover House with her brother John. Tillie’s clothing became the foundation for the Tinicum Arts festival Historic Fashion Shows which were held on the front lawn of the house.

Miss Tillie and Peggy Powell, 1946 Fashion Show at the Erwin Stover House

Miss Tillie and Peggy Powell at the 1946 Fashion Show at the Erwin Stover House

Shelly Goulding at the 1955 Fashion Show at the Erwin Stover House

Shelly Goulding at the Fashion Show in 1955 at the Erwin Stover House