Exploring Our History

Our Historic Sites

Bucks County is the Steward of two properties on the National Register of Historic Places: The Erwin Stover House and Barn  and The Stover Myers Mill . Both sites are located within the County Parks System. 

Our Changing Landscapes

These sights provide our community members and visitors with a way to connect with Bucks County’s rich history, understand the way-of-life for the diverse peoples who have lived and worked on this land and learn how past generations transformed the landscape over time: from primeval forest to farmland and farmland to cities, towns, and suburbs.

Today’s News is Tomorrow’s History

These sights also serve as the setting for contemporary events from community festivals to private weddings, reunions, and picnics; reminding us that the stories we share today will become an essential part of the County’s continuing history. 


We invite you to explore the county's history, by viewing the history in the pages online, by reading the blogs, and by visiting in person. We promise you won't be disappointed.

The Erwin Stover House & Barn

The Erwin Stover House & Barn, a historic property curated by the Park System

Stover Myers Mill

The front of the Stover Myers Mill.

Directions to Erwin Stover House

Directions to Stover-Myers Mill