2021 Protocol Rollout

Two protocol rollouts have been scheduled for the 2021 updates.  You can register to attend in person or via zoom by using the link below.  In person sessions have been been canceled due to low turn out.

October 14th - 10 AM - Noon -                     Virtual 

October 25th - 6 PM - 8 PM -                    Virtual

To receive credit for attendance:

  1. Each user must log on individually (if watching as a group only the person logged in will receive the credit)
  2. You must be present for the entire session


Please confirm with your EMS Agency if they will accept this training to meet the requirements as outlined in EMSIB 2021-14. http://pehsc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/EMSIB-2021-14-2021-PA-DOH-Statewide-Protocol-Update.pdf